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how to say message in spanish how to say dog in chinese it supposed to rain tomorrow how do you say good morning in portuguese how to say hi in hindi what does llego mean in english how to say nerd in spanish what is another name for king words for magic in other languages mother in law in german do you have pain in spanish how have you been in french how do you say advocate in spanish how to say crayon in french how do you say rock in japanese friend in different languages list como se escribe hueso en ingles how to say like in japanese how to say congratulations in french how to say bird in japanese how do you say guilt in spanish how to say trash can in spanish how to say pig in german how to say attack in german dar un paseo in english words for fire in other languages words for ghost in other languages happy new year in hungarian may i use the restroom in spanish how do you say south america in spanish words for ghost in other languages qu? est?s haciendo in english where are you in korean ways to say no in different languages you are awesome in japanese

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