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how to say happy birthday in many languages how to say we in japanese setenta y ocho en ingles what is pond in spanish how to say hope in different languages spanish word for calm down how to say basketball in japanese it was pleasure talking to you how to say words in different languages how to say convince in spanish how do you say come back in spanish how to say popular in japanese how do you say socks in spanish translate no problem to french how to say family in polish how to say heavy in japanese how to say see you there in spanish how to say break in spanish how do you say wrong number in spanish how to say sixty in spanish italian word for you're welcome spanish where do you live how do you say bedroom in spanish ways to say merry christmas in different languages words meaning beautiful in different languages strength written in different languages how to say i am in korean greek word for soul mate how to say pay attention in french words meaning fire in other languages how to say t shirt in japanese how to say no in norwegian how to say ice in different languages

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